How the purchase process is affected by the engagement of your brand

The engagement of your brand can be measured in different ways and through various analytical aspects: with the repetition of purchase, the number of «Like» on Facebook and «Likes» on Instagram, the members in your LinkedIn group or the followers on Twitter, mentions of your brand on other platforms or social networks, repeat visits to your site, (low) bounce rate, (high) dwell time, number of page views per user. the comments they leave on the posts, the impressions of your images or videos and the number of subscribers to your mailing campaigns.

It is clear, that the digital engagement of your brand is an emotional commitment, not a transactional one. Purchases are made with or without attachment and consumers have a wide range of possibilities in the market with hundreds of possible options, so your company must stand out and make an effort to create and nurture this relationship with your customers. Definitely, the acquisition of a product or service increases when there is emotion behind it and repetition is more than likely if the brand-consumer interaction is surrounded by affection, commitment and empathy. In this way, the key is to create links that enhance affectivity and indirectly encourage the purchase.

And it is that the consumer without an emotional connection with the brand focuses on the mere attributes of the product that, although important, are not powerful enough to build long-term loyalty and loyalty. This type of buyer is the one who will change their option easily if they find another one that works better and offers a more affordable price. But the user who is emotionally attached to your brand will undoubtedly enjoy this strong and powerful relationship and will try to follow everything you do and acquire everything you offer. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get your customers engaged with you through app engagement.

After all, what we are talking about in this post is about cultivating relationships; and as in any relationship, there is a fine line between love and hate. Just as consumers love certain brands, they also avoid those that go against their values. And although it may not seem possible, there are leading firms that are loved to the fullest but at the same time are hated by part of the consumers, as is the case with the big players like Apple, Adidas, Kanon, and Toyota or Zara, to name a few. It may seem incredible to you, but there are many companies that go from being a beloved Lovemark to having hundreds or thousands of detractors for neglecting their dealings with users.

This reveals a very important point to keep in mind: only people make the marks. Your company can create products and launch them on the market, but those who will really give them a long life are the people since they will create emotional connections and powerful bonds that will spread among their relatives or colleagues. It is important then, to cultivate those emotional connections and take care of that commitment as it happens in any human relationship. You can set up a gamification solution to be a winner in your race.

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