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How to Attract External Traffic on Your Amazon Listings

Attracting buyers to your Amazon listings is not an easy task to perform. You must have a fully optimized product page, the right keywords and competitive product prices to ensure that customers will visit your page and consider buying your products. However, along with a good quality product, fully optimized listings and fastest Amazon repricer to keep your product prices competitive, you must have a sound advertising strategy in place to attract potential buyers.

As the competition for sellers on Amazon increases with the rise in sponsored ad costs, you must start thinking outside the box to find new ways to bring qualified traffic to your Amazon listings. While Amazon’s internal advertising options for brands are quite powerful, you might be missing out on visibility and sales by not looking into Off-Amazon advertising.

You want to be a top Amazon seller with more organic sales and whilst it  is the most important goal to achieve, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish. However, there are certain ways you can drive external traffic to Amazon and get genuine sales.

Let’s have a look

  • Sponsored Display ads on Amazon

Third-party retailers with registered brands as well as vendors can showcase their products through Amazon Sponsored Display ads. This tool provides you with a platform to create your display ads and advertise on and off Amazon. Your display advertising will not only appear in search results of Amazon or product detail pages, but your customers will be able to see those ads on other websites and apps as well.

If your brand is registered on Amazon, make sure you take advantage of the sponsored display ads. Be creative with your ads. Make sure you use a catchy headline, high-quality featured images, and high-ranking keywords.

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  • Market your products on social media

You are already behind if you don’t have a social media marketing strategy in place. Utilize your social media networks to expand your business, gain followers, interact with your target audience and promote your brand. Most of the customers are already glued to their phones throughout the day- this is one of the best marketing opportunities.

If you can, then get in touch with social media influencers that can help you get your business in front of hundreds and thousands of people in addition to your own social media approach. If done effectively, influencer marketing can actually assist you in increasing your sales on Amazon as well as other e-commerce marketplaces.

You might not agree with it now, but it is a must to have your brand on TikTok. Many sellers have joined TikTok to promote their products, and they have gone viral, resulting in a massive increase in sales! There is no magic formula for making a product go viral on the app, but a good start would be to be consistent and create engaging and meaningful content for your audience.

  • Advertise on Facebook

Running Facebook ads allows you to target a specific market segment that is more likely to discover and buy your products. You can also create Instagram ads using the Facebook ad platform. These ads will appear in people’s feeds as they scroll through their homepage. Instagram and Facebook ads, when done right, may have a significant impact on your sales.

Make sure to experiment with different Facebook ad variations to determine which ones provide the highest conversions for your listings. Experiment with different ad types, test if you want to advertise product videos or photos, try different keywords. In short, make sure you choose the best ad to pay for.

  • Create an email list

Emails are one of your most effective advertising tools, and gathering them should be your top focus. If you sell on Amazon, you must be aware that unless you have the tool of Amazon to manage your customer engagement, you can’t get customer emails.

Make sure you collect customer emails somehow. One of the best ways to collect customer emails is with the help of your landing page. When you run your social media ads i.e. on Facebook or Insta, send your traffic to your landing page, instead of directly sending them to your product listing on Amazon. There, you can ask them to enter their email addresses in return for a discount, or any other benefits. That way you can keep them happy while collecting the most useful information for future promotions.

With the help of an email list, you can keep track of all the previous as well as potential consumers who have interacted with your company in some way. You can try and market your products to them with promotional offers and personalized messaging created only for them.

  • Make use of Google

Google is the most popular search engine of all time and right now the biggest ad agency for brands across the globe. The very first thing people do when they need to get something is to google it. That is why sellers seek to use the strength of the google search engine to their advantage. You can optimize your listings to appear in organic search results of Google, driving a portion of the google-surfing population to your Amazon product pages.

However, this requires one to understand how Google engine works and if done correctly, you will get a steady influx of new customers to your Amazon listings. Once sellers get the visibility they need, they can step up their game by investing in Google ads, which will direct buyers to your product page with a keen purchasing intent.

Additional tip:

Retaining your customers is more difficult than getting new customers. Once you get a maximum audience, high visibility, and increased sales, make sure you retain those buyers by providing them with the best product prices, always! However, it’s not easy to keep your prices competitive and make your customers buy products from you every time. This is where you need the best Amazon repricing tool. in the industry to help you keep your product prices competitive 24/7 and boost your sales and profits.


Make sure to implement all the tips mentioned above to attract external traffic to your Amazon store. Driving external traffic not only helps you increase sales but also allows you to learn vital information about your buyers to retain them in the long term.

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