How to choose the perfect engineering college

Selecting the best engineering universities is a big decision for the student as well as for the entire family. These four years will truly decide what you will do in your life. But any engineering colleges in Jaipur list is bound to confuse anyone with its sheer numbers and variety of subjects offered under the engineering domain. Here are a few guidelines that could help you choose the right institute easily:

  1. Choose your stream: Even before you start looking for colleges, one needs to decide upon the branch of engineering that one wishes to pursue. This is an important step as you do not want to end up at a course that does not motivate you enough all through your life. The best way to decide is to research the different streams of engineering and decide which one suits you the best.
  2. Consider and categorize colleges: Once your stream of engineering is final, start researching through the colleges and make three columns. The first column should contain such colleges that are difficult to get into, the second consists of above-average colleges but easier to gain admission, and third are such colleges where you may not regret attending if the first two choices did not work for any reason. To categorize these colleges you should refer to the next point.
  3. Develop a list of each college: This list of criteria will help you to evaluate each college and finalize your table. Some of the criteria that should be considered are degree offered, location, distance from home, costs, financial aids, resources available on campus, accreditation, government or private, class size, reputation, social life, qualification of the faculty, past performance, placement opportunities, etc. Provide a mark for each criterion and total them at the end to help you categorize the colleges into a table.
  4. Rank your priorities: Make a list of pros and cons of these colleges you are considering on different aspects that you think are essential. These factors could be affordability, distance from home, college infrastructure, faculty experience, placement services, past performance of the students, teacher-student ratio, and more or less as per your choice.
  5. Check for any financial aid or scholarships: Availability of a scholarship and being eligible for one can mean that a top college that you had set aside may now become affordable and provide you a better future.
  6. Visit the college: Though not always possible, but this is the best way to evaluate any institute. You can visit the infrastructure, meet the faculty, talk to the present students, etc. and gain knowledge about the college through their experiences and opinions. This can also be done online but does not provide as good results as a physical visit.
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  8. Do not fall for advertising: Colleges advertise their strengths in terms of their star faculty, a new building, a refurbished laboratory, etc. These advertisements may be true to say the mechanical department but your choice of stream might be civil or electronics. Also, do keep in mind that some of those star faculty at the best engineering universities may be too busy in research work and may not have time to take classes at all.
  9. Make sure you have the scores: All of this effort to create engineering colleges in Jaipur list will not matter unless you score the required amount of eligible marks. So work hard and succeed webtoon.

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