How to Get Clients for a New Daycare 

In 2021, we are yet to come out of a pandemic that shook the world to its core, and it may be hard for schools and other businesses to return to the state that they were in before the pandemic. Some marketing techniques that brought in new clients before the Covic-19 may not work again, and that’s why you should craft unique marketing and communication strategies that will help you get parents who are interested in bringing their children to your care. The plans that you choose should be properly planned and adapted, with some dose of re-imagination.

Here are how to get new clients for your new daycare.

1. Understand the families’ liquid expectations

Remember that you have competitors that also want to earn the business from the same parents who you are targeting. As a daycare center director, don’t just compare yourself with them but compare the online experience that your school offers against what the parents have had to get. After every year of doing almost everything online, the expectations will be higher, so make sure it’s easier for grandparents to pay for their grandchildren’s tuition online. Make it easy for them to find the calendar of your childcare center easily. Ensure that it’s possible for parents to Livestream and watch their children playing especially when the youngsters are competing against each other.

2. Get your website redesigned

Redesigning your website to make it friendly for the users is the most appropriate thing to do when you want to attract new parents to your daycare. A great website builds your brand and ensures that you put a lot of effort into user-friendliness and searchability. Create a wonderful user experience for the people who are using mobiles to search your establishment. Design your website to offer an amazing impression on the first visit. Let your website be your foundation, as it will remain open to your customers even after your office is closed for business.

3. Invest in a search engine strategy for your website

Remember that the competition is intense, and parents will most likely do business with the daycare centers that appear on top of the search engines. You can use tools such as online review management, paid-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization.  Depending on your short or long-term strategy, you can invest in one or two of these strategies and you will reap it big. Depending on how better you excel at your search engine strategies, you will be more visible online and this will translate to more clients.

4. Create a school blog

A blog provides an amazing way to share advice, and also develop thought leadership. Tell real-life stories that aren’t being found anywhere else, create powerful library content that will inform, and will help to improve your organic searches. Take the lead position in telling unique stories about daycare that parents will forever appreciate.

5. Advertise on social media

Having meaningful social media ads help to make you more visible as more families spend time on social channels. You will be building more awareness and increasing your enrollment as time goes by.

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