Men’s Fashion in 2022: What to Wear and When

Did you think Andrew Garfield’s purple suit was photoshopped too?

If so, you’re not the only one who needs an update on what to wear in 2022.

Men’s fashion is admittedly in a weird place: midway between the deep-pandemic blahs and post-pandemic excitement. It’s a tough balance to strike. There’s lots of room to experiment, but you don’t want to overshoot and make it weird.

From street style to designer clothes, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn what to wear in 2022 for every occasion.

What to Wear to Formal Occasions: Suits, Reinvented

Yes, we’re ready to wear formal attire IRL again. However, suits for men are taking a turn for the unexpected. This year’s runways are full of surprising suits, including:

  • Double-breasted jackets
  • Brilliant colors
  • Super-strong shoulders

Go all-out if you wish, but most suits this year balance the spicy elements with traditional ones. If you’re going for big and bold construction, stick with a neutral color.

What to Wear on the Beach: Outrageous Sandals

Fuzzy, foamy, funky. This year’s sandals are a small detail with big personality.

Pros: they’re ultra-comfy, easy to style, and pack a punch of originality for your beach look. Cons: none.

What to Wear Whenever: Oversized Sweaters

Sweaters are a perfect anytime-everytime garment. Pair them with dad jeans and high-top sneakers to exercise your new freedom to attend populated events. With a tailored pair of pants, they’re work-friendly.

Our favorite sweaters feature details like:

  • Turtlenecks (big, big turtlenecks)
  • Eye-catching cardigan buttons
  • A modern take on Fair Isle patterns

Knits are great, but elevated hoodies are having a moment too. Add accessories like a structured hat or blazer to keep it from getting too work-from-homey.

What to Wear for Street Style: Ultra Saturated Colors

No matter what garments you’re wearing, you can reach for the Crayola box in 2022. We’re seeing a few deeper tones, but most of the trending colors come from the brighter register of the rainbow. Take your inspiration from popsicle pink, poolside teal, combed-grass green, and obnoxious yellow.

Colorblocking is in. You’ll see monochrome looks too (all-over blood red is making a few appearances).

However, less traditional color schemes are popping up too. Expect to see:

  • Chunky checkerboard patterns
  • Irridescent ombrés
  • Larger-than-life zigzags

The beauty of this trend is that it can be as subtle or overstated as you want it to be. Keep it low-key with a mellow green sweatsuit combo. Or, take it to the next level with a blazing orange overcoat.

It’s 2022, So Go Get Dressed

We get it. Men’s fashion in the nascent post-pandemic era is a mercurial guessing game.

With these tips, though, you can find your way through these sartorially trying times. Remember to have fun, think outside the Amazon box, and stay comfy. Now, go get dressed.

Want more advice on what to wear? Click through our blog. You’ll find all the men’s fashion advice you can handle.

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