Pursue a Degree from the best B.Com LLB Hons Colleges in MP

B.Com LLB Hons is a professional program in the field of law, of five years duration. Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Legislative Law is an integrated course where a candidate is taught law and commerce subjects. This course comprises 10 semesters and candidates need to clear all their papers in eight years which is the maximum duration to complete this program. Candidates are taught various subjects at the top bcom llb hons colleges in gwalior by means of case studies, classroom teachings, moot courts, theoretical, and practical methods. Some common subjects that candidates study as part of this program are business communication, economics, business statistics, and auditing, to name a few. The law subjects which are included in this course are consumer protection law, the law of crimes, constitutional law, interpretation of statutes, constitutional law, etc.


Candidates are required to be good at speaking as well as quick at reading a language of their choice in which they wish to pursue this course. The top B.Com LLB Hons college in MP that helps the students enhance these employable skills. They should have fluency and clarity of speech. They should be willing to work long strenuous hours and also have the ability to assimilate and analyze facts. Their intellectual capacity and judgment of situations or people should be better than anyone else. They have to be hard-working, objective, persuasive, confident, and convincing. They should have an interest in research because every single case study is going to require a lot of it. Their presentation skills should be very good as they will have to do it in every single one of their cases.


The subjects that are a part of this program may vary from university to university and the top B.Com LLB Hons colleges in Gwalior but there are some common topics that candidates are taught as part of The course curriculum including economics, corporate accounting, financial accounting, English, business statistics, the law of crime, legal language, constitutional law, consumer protection law, history of courts, family law, jurisprudence, civil procedure code, research methodology, the law of tort, taxation, public international law, administrative law, property law, criminology and technology, professional ethics, intellectual property rights, human rights, and humanitarian law.

Career Opportunities

After graduating from the bcom llb hons colleges in mp with the integrated B.Com LLB course, qualified professionals are offered many job opportunities. There are some popular job profiles that they can apply to or pursue after graduating such as advocate, solicitor, legal advisor, lawyer, teacher, or lecturer. After this course, they can either go for higher studies or advice and represent clients in civil or criminal cases. They can specialize in a specific field of law and be hired by the government as well as large organizations or companies. As legal advisors, they will have to protect their clients from any legal implication of consequences. As an advocate, they will have to do a lot of research work together with factual data or physical evidence to support their claim. They will have to specialize in a specific area of law like litigation, family, tax, or property to offer legal advice to private or commercial clients as solicitors.

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