Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy Best Fishing Boat For Brisbane Waters

Although there are many boat manufacturers, Quintrex boats have made its place in the top choice of Australian fishermen. The design of these houses is what makes them unique. These boats come in so many variants and you can choose whatever suits your needs. 

When it comes to fishing, one needs a boat which is stable in standing water, has ample space for holding fishing equipment and is comfortable. Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy Checks all these needs making an amazing boat for your fishing adventures. This boat has amazing features and is meant for fun fishing adventures!

In Brisbane, this boat will be amazing as the place is surrounded by so many water bodies. If you live in Brisbane and want to buy this boat, don’t hesitate to contact Brisbane Yamaha. Try Brisbane Yamaha for super saver offers on Quintrex boats!!

Why Is The Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy Best For Fishing?

Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy belongs to the famous Quintrex Hornet series and is new to the series. It’s spacious and jam-packed with features which will  make you lure towards this boat. It’s a multi-purpose boat and hence very popular among anglers of Brisbane. It’s very spacious to handle tools and extra stuff like food while fishing.  Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy is highly stable and calm during standing. 

With a wide beam and elevated casting decks, this boat has ample space for storing gears. It’s perfect to go fishing in estuaries and freshwater. In Brisbane, it’s a top pick of brisbane. The stability of this boat combined with extra space, makes it a versatile boat.

What’s Unique About The Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy?

Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy is acquainted with amazing features which makes it stand out from other boats. Following are its signature features:

  • 4.26 m long with 2.01 m beam.
  • Speed upto 50hp
  • Has a 77 fuel tank
  • Weighs 317 kg and 120 kg motor weight
  • 2 mm top sides
  • 3 mm down sides
  • Can carry 4 people
  • Eclipse V-flared hull which is also a part of the Fighter Series bow gives plain sailing
  • Comes with five seats
  • Front and rear casting platform
  • A speed spigot in the front deck
  • Front casting area has large storage areas to store lots of gears
  • Livebait tank at back deck.
  • Comes with extruded side decks, better tray, two rod holders, handles transom, welded gunnels & side decks
  • Can be used to explore estuaries, Bays, rivers and offshore waters
  • Fantastic boat for a fishing adventure with your buddies


Quintrex 420 Hornet Trophy is a spacious and useful boat. It is loved by the Brisbane anglers. With the eclipse V-flared hull, this boat is very stable in water. It’s quite spacious with a front casting area. With carpeted floors and extruded side decks, it will deliver a luxurious experience. 

It’s perfect for fishing in freshwater, estuaries and exploring offshore. With the capability to handle four people, it’s a perfect choice for you and your buddies. If you want to get this boat for a fishing adventure and live nearby Brisbane, contact Brisbane Yamaha!  

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