Everything you need to know about UK Self-sponsorship visa

Following the closure of the Investor visa route, businesses looking forward to expanding into the United Kingdom are left with very limited options. The two popular choices now include the UK Sole Representative visa and the Innovator visa. However, there are certain restrictions to both which doesn’t make them favourable for all. While the Sole Representative visa is not accessible by the majority of shareholders because of its long list of terms and conditions, the Innovator visas are only available to those with innovative businesses. A significant number of medium and small business owners are unable to operate because of these constraints.

However, the Self-Sponsorship visa can provide a suitable solution to this problem. Self-sponsorship is an innovative idea that few people are aware of, but it can be the ideal unable to take the more well-known routes to international expansion in the UK. The criteria for applying for the Self-sponsorship visa is pretty simple. You just have to have a genuine intention to open a business and to run an active trading company in the United Kingdom. Anyone with notable involvement in the field in which they wish to operate can take up this route, given that they have enough capital to fund their expansion. Also, applicants must have a good hold over the English language to meet the requirements specified by the UK government.

Here’s how to apply for a Self-sponsorship visa:

Unlike applying for the Sole Rep visa or the Innovator visa, applying for the Self-sponsorship visa is a simple three-step process. Smaller business owners can start or buy a company in the United Kingdom, register it with the UK government agency that issues visa sponsorship licences, and then utilise the licence to get a Skilled Worker visa.

The first step is to form a UK company and apply for a sponsor licence, which allows the. You will be that expert worker. You will, in effect, be supporting yourself to come and work for your own business. The procedure is entirely legal and follows the guidelines.

Sponsor Licence:

A sponsor licence, previously known as a Tier 2 visa, permits UK-based businesses to hire talented employees from across the world. Applicants from within the UK can switch into the Skilled Worker visa from most other visa types, such as Tier 2 and Tire 4 Student visas. The licence will be valid for four years once it is authorised, with the possibility to renew it.

Once the UK company is up and running, the next step is to apply for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence with the UK Home Office. In order to be positive, a firm must meet certain standards. For example, the company must have the proper policies and procedures in place. It is advisable to pursue the application process for the self-sponsorship visa under the supervision and counsel of a UK legal professional to ensure a smooth transition.

After your UK firm has been granted a Sponsor licence, you can move on to the next stage of the process, which involves hiring. To be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa, you and the job you’re applying for must meet specific requirements, including English language proficiency, pay, and educational level. You will be eligible to work in your UK company and benefit from the country’s thriving economy as long as you meet these standards.

Advantages of Self-sponsorship visa:

A self-sponsorship visa is an ideal alternative to regular UK visas with simpler eligibility criteria and application processes. It not only allows overseas companies to gain access to the British SME market but also hands out an opportunity of possible citizenship for business owners. There are no restrictions on the type of business that can be operated in the United Kingdom under this scheme. Moreover, there is no minimum or maximum investment limit to start your business, you can control 100% of your UK firm and serve as its director.

Residency and Citizenship opportunities:

While applying for a Self-sponsorship visa many business owners can be curious if it can eventually lead them to get British citizenship? The answer is positive. After five years, you may be eligible for residency, and after six years, you may be eligible for citizenship in the United Kingdom. In fact, your spouses and children under the age of 18 are also welcome to join you.

Reach out for assistance

Overseas nationals are legally permitted to establish businesses in the United Kingdom, but they must do so under the guidance of a certified UK immigration solicitor, as there are specific requirements that must be met.

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