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Reno NV Homes Exterior Design Trends in 2022

People who have lived in Reno, Nevada know very well how the homes there are so diverse in style. Because Reno is located in a high desert surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it makes sense that there are so many different types of homes. If you’re a homeowner here and you’re looking to make some updates on the exterior of your home, whether to sell or not, there are quite a few routes that you can take. When styling your home’s exterior, you’ll want to keep the climate and the local architecture in mind so as to create the perfect Reno home. Here are some of our favorite Reno, NV exterior design trends to try out on your home in 2022.

Stone/Paver Walkways

If you have a home with a garden or a large front/back yard, installing a stone or paver walkway is a must. Not only do these features look gorgeous when well-constructed, they also serve the functional purpose of guiding you to your home’s entrance. If you’re feeling the more natural route, a stone walkway composed of a diverse set of rocks is an excellent idea. However, if you prefer the more classic look, a paved walkway is the way to go! Additionally, if you ever want to sell your Reno home fast, these can make your curb appeal pop!

Earthy Siding Colors

Reno is located just outside of the Sierra, Nevada mountain range. This means that the home styles in the area can have a more alpine/mountainous style. If this is something that you’d like your home to embody, opt for a darker more earthy siding color. Some color ideas include a mountain sage, a dark cedar, or even a nice dark brown. Choose a color that fits well with your home’s overall look!

Natural Trim

Going off of the more “mountain” style look, adding some natural trim around the exterior of the house will complete the look. When we say “natural” we mean materials such as hardwood and cedar. We recommend updating things like window shutters, window and door trim, fascia, and even the pillars on your porch if that’s an option. If you also happen to update the color of your siding, choose a trim style that will compliment the new earthy tones of your home.

Sustainable Landscaping

Reno is a very dry environment, meaning that it doesn’t see a lot of water. This can make maintaining gardens that require a lot of watering difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you need to scrap the idea of having nice landscaping. If you want to elevate the outside of your home with plants, flowers, and foliage, opt for choices that require less water and that fare well in direct sunlight. Succulents and trees native to the Reno area are an excellent place to start!

Outdoor Living Spaces

The Reno area sees a substantial amount of sunshine during the year, so it makes sense that people search for homes with optimal outdoor living spaces. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, this should be one of the first things to fix before selling your home. Update the deck or patio if you already own one or consider installing one if not. Add in some nice lighting and choose an outdoor furniture set that will be comfortable and inviting. 

If you are looking for ways to make the most out of your Reno Home’s look this year, the ideas above are a great place to start. Have fun with the exterior design of your home and only choose styles that are going to work for your home! 

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