Fresh Trick for OPEN to CLOSE Rajdhani Panel Figures

What Is Rajdhani Panel?

Rajdhani panel is the satta matka organizer of Mumbai. However, players from the whole Indian subcontinent place Satta Matka bet on the Satta Matka games of the Rajdhani panel.

What Is Rajdhani Panel Chart?

The Rajdhani panel chart is a detailed record of all the results of the Rajdhani panel that have been published so far.

While looking for the Rajdhani panel chart, you may find two types of Rajdhani panel charts, namely:

  1. Rajdhani Day Panel Chart
  2. Rajdhani Night Panel Chart.

What Is The Trick?

Note: You should know that not a single trick in the Satta Matka business is evergreen, hence do not expect a 100% success rate with any of the Satta Matka tricks.

The trick may be used to deduce the open to close figure of the Rajdhani panel chart of the Satta Matka gambling.

What Are Open To Close (OTC) Figure?


Both the Rajdhani Day Panel and the Rajdhani night panel organize two Satta matka draws per day. The first draw of the day is called the opening draw or, OPEN, and the closing draw of the day is called the closing draw or CLOSE.

As per the trick, to find the Jodi of the current day, you have to add 1441 into the Jodi of the previous day in the following way:

Let’s say the Jodi that occurred at the Rajdhani panel chart yesterday is 48. Then, your addition to find out the current day figure should be like this:


Then, the open figure and close figure of today’s Jodi would be 6 and 2 respectively.

Let’s say the Jodi which appears in today’s Rajdhani panel chart is 69.

Follow the same instructions that are mentioned above.

Add 1441+6969 and you will get 8410.

Now, the result of the opening number of the next Jodi would be 8 and the closing number of the closed Jodi would be 0.

What Is The Success Rate Of The Trick?

We have found that the trick has yielded results in every 2 out 5 chances. Hence, we may say that it has a success rate of 40%.

That’ll be all for today’s post. For many such tricks, follow our posts in the current platform.

What Are The Satta Matka Games Of The Rajdhani Panel Where You May Apply This Trick?

You should apply this trick only on the Jodi game of the Rajdhani panel chart. Applying the trick on games other than Jodi will result in complete failure.

What Are the Games That May Play On Rajdhani Panel Chart?

You can play any of the following games at the Rajdhani panel chart:

  • Single Number
  • Jodi
  • Single Patti
  • Double Patti
  • Triple Patti
  • Half Sangam
  • Full Sangam


Matka gambling is illegal in India as per the statutes of the public gambling act of 1867. In India, you can gamble legally on only two sports namely, Horse racing and public lottery.

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