Steps To Consider While Choosing The Best Water Purifier

As we all know, water purifiers have become the prominent need of every house. There are vast options of water purifiers available in the market. We should choose the correct purifier according to our need and availability of water because it is a matter of health for our family. There are many diseases which can be the cause of death also. So as good human beings, it is our responsibility to choose the correct water purifier. Whenever we think about buying a water purifier, we must keep in mind some steps in our mind. These are

Quality Of Water

Before going with any water purifier, make sure of the level of hardness of water that you are getting in your areas. If the supplied water is full of impurities and the TDS level of water is beyond the limits, you have to use a water purifier. Try to know the reason for impure water which is supplied to you. Make sure that the source of water which is provided to you has not any problem. Maybe the problem of impure water is in your source of water. If there is no problem with the source, then you can go with a water purifier.

Types Of Water Purifier

After finding out the water quality, we can choose which kind of purifier is better for us. TDS level of supplied water plays a vital role in it. If the level of TDS is higher than 500 ppm, then we have to go with the RO purifier. RO purifier removes all the impurities from the water through its specific membrane.RO purifier passes the water with full pressure through the membrane. In this way, all the impurities of water are stuck on one side of the membrane, and pure water passes ahead to the user.

But if the level of TDS in water is below 500ppm, you can go with an ultraviolet water purifier. Ultraviolet water purifiers also retain the essential minerals of water such as copper, magnesium, etc. If the TDS level of water is between 200 -500 ppm, you can go with an RO UV water purifier. In this way, we can enhance water quality and get pure water without losing its essential minerals.

An RO UV technology-based water purifier eliminates completer contamination from the water. RO technology used in RO UV water purifier reduces TDS from water whereas UV technology eliminates microbial contamination from the water. A UV water purifier is known for eliminating microbial contaminants from the water making water safe from microbial contamination.

The Capacity Of Consumption

The next thing that we have to keep in our mind is finding out the range of water consumption in the house. When you analyze the capacity of consumption of water, then you can easily select the correct type of water purifier. In some areas, electricity is not frequently working. So, in that case, the storage capacity of the water purifier means a lot. Because whenever you do not have electricity in your house, you should have stored pure water for that time. So before choosing any water purifier, you must analyze the consumption of water so that the water purifier you select must have good storage capacity according to your need.

Safety Feature

Before choosing any water purifier, you must know about the safety features of that purifier. While selecting a water purifier, we must make sure of the expiry range of filters. Some water purifier filters expire within a few days, and we get water through the purifier but not pure because of its expiry. Some water purifiers also give a guarantee to replace the filter whenever it expires. So we must be aware of that while choosing a water purifier for our home. If the filter has expired, it is crucial to replace it at the right time.

Maintenance Of Water Purifier

Whenever we buy any water purifier, we must know about the maintenance of the purifier. We all know that in any water purifier, water is purified through different kinds of the membrane. Because all the impurities are removed by these membranes, these different kinds of particles removed from the water are stuck on the membrane. Due to these particles, membranes or filters are oxidized, and soon they stop working correctly. Some water purifiers need service twice in a year. We should also know about the cost of these services. Every water purifier offers some free services of filters. So we must be aware of these offers whenever we want to buy any water purifier. If you want your purifier to work properly without any damage, it is essential to know its maintenance.

In this way, we can say that if you want your purifier to work in a proper way, it is essential for you to know all the critical points about the water purifier, such as its maintenance, its storage capacity and how long its filters will work. You should also know about the offers that you get with the purifier that you select. I hope you liked this post of water purifier.

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