The importance of selecting the right recruitment software for the UK agency

A recruitment software solution is one of the most vital tools in recruitment. Without a solid recruitment CRM partner, recruiters would undoubtedly be much slower and less efficient when carrying out their tasks.

When staffing agencies are convinced about leveraging the potential of recruitment agency software then it is time to decide on which one to use. But it is not as easy as it might look. There are hundreds of recruitment CRM software solutions in the market. Many of them are leading the market with great features.

But these make the task of selecting one vendor a particularly challenging task. So, then isn’t it practical to just go with the leading recruitment software vendor?

Well, that is not always advisable. This is because an extremely critical point to note is the absolute importance of finding recruitment software that is suitable for the agency’s needs. Just buying whatever seems to be the popular software currently is not a smart move.

Recruitment CRM solutions are often exactly cheap. And the onboarding process involves transferring massive amounts of data and many hours of training. It is in everyone’s best interests to be meticulous when making the final decision. That is why a well-researched and thought-out purchase is necessary if agencies want to make sure they are not wasting money and time, and if they actually want a good return on their investment.

Here are three simple but highly effective steps to finding the perfect match. Regardless of what kind of CRM software a recruitment firm wants – permanent CRM software, temporary recruitment agency software or executive search software – recruiters should apply these steps during their search for their next recruiting software.

1. Research

Doing a thorough market review is the first step. A quick search on the internet is everyone’s initial move. Try to look beyond the top 5 products listed on the first page of any search engine. Because while these are great products, it is more crucial to be certain that they complement the agency’s work structure and help decrease the biggest challenges. It is imperative to find one whose features and functionality are suitable for the agency’s working system.

2. Demo

Product demos are an essential aspect of product research. It’s not appropriate to make final decisions just by looking at the list of stellar features. There are many other things to consider. How does the software help reduce challenges? Is it compatible with the tools the agency already uses? Is it easy to navigate? Do the features and their advantages align with the company goals? Product demos should be looked at as opportunities to observe the recruitment software in action. It provides a platform to ask pertinent questions and clear doubts.

3. Reviews

Recruitment software vendors are typically happy to send client testimonials, which is great. However, these will always be from satisfied customers. If staffing agencies want to get a holistic look at what users are saying about the product, then searching online is an effective way to start. Sites like Trustpilot have objective reviews from users so that there is bound to be a good mix of both positive and negative reviews. Even the negative ones can be constructive for those who are seriously looking to make the best match.

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