Top 3 Most Desirable Textile Jobs in the Modern Era

Are you a person who loves working with your hands? If so, you might want to consider a career in textile design. In the modern era, because of advances in technology and industry trends, there are many different types of jobs, suited to every interest.

If the prospect of a job in the textile industry is appealing to you, then you’ll need a broad overview of all the different types of career paths available. This is exactly what this guide aims to provide you with. Read on for some of the best textile jobs there are and the paths you’ll need to get one for yourself.

1. Textile Designer

If you have an eye for design and a love of fashion, then the role of textile designer could be perfect for you. Textile designers can inhabit many different spaces within the textile industry. Their job is to create designs to be used in the production of knit, weave, or printed fabrics or textile products.

As a textile designer, you could work with materials for upholstery, fashion, carpets, or even with specialist fabrics such as fireproof materials. To become a textile designer, you’ll likely need a degree in art and design, textiles, or fashion.

2. Textile Research Scientist

If you’re less artistic and more into the scientific aspect of it all, then you might prefer a career as a textile research scientist. This is a career that involves studying various different types of fabrics with a view to improving upon them and creating new ones.

If you like the sound of this career, you’ll likely need a specialist qualification. Useful educational paths to pursue could be textile technology, textile science, or materials science.

3. Textile Manufacturer

For those who are more hands-on and don’t want a job sitting at a desk all day, something in the realm of textile manufacturing might be better. For example, you could get a job working in a textile mill or cotton farming, working with raw textile materials. Your role here would be taking these materials and turning them into fabric.

For this type of role, you don’t usually need any type of specific qualification. For this reason, if you’re not academically inclined, this could also be a good choice.

Ways to Prepare For Textile Jobs

If you want to get your foot in the door of this competitive industry, then there are some things you can do to give yourself a leg up on your competition. Of course, having the relevant qualifications is helpful, but might not be enough.

Seeking apprenticeships and internships is a great way to learn the industry while also getting your name out there. You can also try to complete extra training. If you want to work with raw materials, for example, something like this cotton dust safety training could prove useful.

Break Into the Textile Industry Today

If you think a career in the textile industry could be for you, research is your first port of call. Take a closer look at different textile jobs and see which ones could suit you most. If you’re looking for more career and life advice, don’t forget to check out the rest of our content now.

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