Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Home appliances are not cheap. If you’re not taking care of your refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer, then you’ll constantly need new ones. To avoid the struggle, there are a few ways to maintain these appliances. Today, we’re going to give you a few washing machine maintenance tips to save you the costs of repair or, worse, the cost of buying a new one.

Deep Clean the Washing Machine

With time washing machines build up soap scum, dirt, and wool, leaving you with an unclean washing machine. You at least use your washing machine once a week to wash your dirty laundry, so the first tip for maintaining your washing machine is to deep clean it.

Depending on the type of washing machine you have, there are a few steps to follow. If you don’t clean your washing machine, it will lose its efficiency and your clothes won’t be as clean as you want them to be. So, it’s time to find a diluted bleach solution and a guide to learn how to clean the machine and ensure it’s as good as new at all times.

Don’t Overload It

There’s no need to place all items at once in the washing machine, you can always do a second batch. Overloading the machine could damage it and make it lose its efficiency. Your clothes wouldn’t be as clean as you want them to be because the detergent won’t circulate properly. For that reason, it’s recommended to do your laundry in batches.

Leave the Door Open

After finishing a batch, it’s recommended to leave the door open to remove moisture. Most people close the door to prevent dirt build-up, but that’s the wrong approach because it could lead to mold and bacteria build-up.

In addition, closing the door could damage delicate parts with moisture. It’s recommended to wipe the moisture with a towel after leaving the door open for 15–30-minute.

Clean the Filters

Does your washing machine come with a filter? Most semi-automatic washing machines do. There’s a lint filter inside the washing tub to extract dirt after every wash. It’s essential to clean the filter once every month, as if it’s full, it won’t collect the debris. Instead, the dirt will remain in the water with which your clothes are washed. Not only will your clothes be unclean, but your machine won’t work efficiently.

Better not take the risk of not cleaning the filter and maintaining your washing machine for longer than recommended as you will waste money on repairing it for not doing a small chore every once in a while.

The Type & Amount of Detergent

The type of detergent and the amount you use matter. You don’t want to go above and beyond when purchasing a detergent. You can choose a suitable one for your washing machine within your budget and ensure it only contains a small amount of alkaline substances to maintain your clothes and the washing machine.

In addition, using too much detergent leaves behind residue on your clothes and could lead to bacteria and mold build-up. I don’t think anyone wants that. It’s always important to keep an eye on the amount of detergent used along with its type.

Ensure your washing machine keeps working optimally for onger than expected by following the points mentioned above. It might last you longer than 5 years, but of course, that depends on the brand you have, the type of washing machine, and how you maintain it.

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