What are the disadvantages of having ikura?

Do you think that fish roe is the optimal food for everyone? Or do you consider that everyone can consume it? Well. You cannot say that fish roe or eggs are the food that is good for everyone because somehow the nutritional requirement vary according to age group and complications.

As you understanding, suppose you have high cholesterol then do you think that fish eggs are good for you? Of course not because the fish roe is high in fat and increase the bad cholesterol. So, you shouldn’t have them in your diet.

Fish roe is a food that is rare but the delicacy remains constant they are the ripend ovaries so cannot be consume is you have the problems. No doubt that some of the fish roe like ikura is very much beneficial and can be consumed if you like. But not all are same so fish eggs are different and eaten by those which are preferable.

The fish roe is nutritionally beneficial but also provide some of the drawbacks which are due to the high content of cholesterol are present. The leading cause of high cholesterol is the detrimental for health. So let’s find out that what kind of the drawbacks are found?

  • Increase the bad cholesterol level

As you know that our body has HDL and LDL cholesterol level. The fish roe increases the bad cholesterol level in the body and this low density lipoprotein lead many kind of problems. The serving of fish roe gives 173 calories but in which it contains about 407mg of cholesterol.

Isn’t it way too much?

That much about of cholesterol is not recommended to the older person because they can afford the risk of disease that might occur after having fish roe. And this is not possible that after one serving and you start having cholesterol problems but if you have the regular consumption than it is possible that you have high LDL level in your body.

  • Clog the arteries

The bad cholesterol level is increasing then it means now you have the chances to clog the arteries by the blood clot. It is the major complication after having fish eggs that you start having the heart problems that leads to complete stress and clot in arteries also increase the rate of heart disease.

If you continuously having the fish eggs without any break then you ratio of having heart problems is high as compared to other normal human being.

  • Risk of Infection

In case the fish have swallow some kind of parasites that are not harmful for the fish but can be dangerous to human health.

Then what you should do?

If you are having this fear then cook the fish properly because after the cooking, any worms or parasites present in the fish bodies are cooked then no worries but if they are still uncooked then be ready for infection. There is another way to kill them and luckily it was the freezing the fish eggs and after the high cold temperature it will be destroyed.


Everything has the benefits but also have the drawbacks. It’s your choice to have it or not.

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