What Are The Types Of Stadium Seating Configurations?

There are various suppliers of stadium seating and you can choose the best one among them for your requirements. When you approach stadium seating suppliers in Australia, you need to know the answers to a few questions. One of the most important questions you’ll be answering is what stadium seating configuration you’ll require.

The stadium seat configuration refers to how the seats are created in large spaces such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval. It can even be referred to as the pattern of seats in a stadium in simpler terms. The stadium seat configuration will decide the number of seats to be manufactured, the price of the whole project, and a lot more details.

The following section has more information on this.

Types of Seat Configurations

There are several possible stadium seating configurations available, and a large number of these possible configurations have been installed around the world to meet the specific seating requirements of a particular venue, as well as the preferences of those who regularly participate in sporting events at these venues.

Several factors can determine the type of sports chair used and the specific configuration of the seats for the comfort of the participants. In some cases, comfort prevails during the day; in others, choosing a sports chair configuration that can fit the most people in the available space is necessary.

Beam Seating

The beam seat is popular in stadiums, airports, hospitals, and railway stations. It is popular because the seat is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean when needed.

The beam seat is also called a bench or a beam seat because it looks a bit like a bench in appearance, although it is much more comfortable than an ordinary bench.

The most striking feature of beam chairs is that they consist of multiple seats secured by a beam underneath the chairs and have legs at either end of the beam.

Seats of this type can be free-standing or permanently attached to the floor. Stadiums and other sports venues offer a chance to seat multiple fans without a problem.

Grandstand Seats

Grandstand seats are commonly installed in sports venues and educational institutions where separate chairs are not required. There are generally raised bench levels with tiered seating to accommodate sports fans, and there are also built-in ladders to allow access to the horizontal rows of seats in place.

The most common designs allow access to the bench through each step, as it is necessary to provide legroom for the person sitting on the bench. Most people have encountered stands at high school or college sporting events where comfort isn’t the primary consideration, but accommodating large crowds may be.

Fixed Seats

Fixed seats almost always include seatbacks; these chairs are permanently attached to the floor, so you can’t move them easily without effort. In addition to stadium seating, fixed seating is commonly used in theatres, arenas, auditoriums, and other locations, and when seated, typically provides greater user comfort.

Some fixed seats can indeed be quite sophisticated and luxurious, although these chairs are not usually installed as stadium seating.


No matter what kind of seating you like,  stadium seating suppliers in Australia have got your back. Whether it’s a beam seat or a completely new type of configuration, a quick call is all it takes to get the stadium seating that you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not into designing new seat configurations, then keeping these three in mind is enough to assist you with the initial planning of your stadium!

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