Why client support matters in your search for the best recruitment software

It is easy for recruiters, when conducting a search, to direct all the energy on checking recruitment software features and the platform’s functionality.

But is that where all the focus should be? And where does customer service come in? Should great support be standard or an add-on?

What is good customer service for recruitment database systems?

Recruiters utilise their agency’s recruitment CRM software to streamline and improve their workflow. Hiring is very competitive. All the top talents are highly sought after. Recruiters who find skilled candidates want to place them as quickly as possible. To do so they put in a lot of effort in positive candidate experience and maintaining candidate engagement throughout the entire process.

All this is to say that recruiters need to work swiftly. They must compete with other recruiters who are probably vying for the same candidates and clients. In recruitment, the one who works quickly and gets their candidates placed emerges as the winner.

The use of tech tools cannot be avoided at any kind of workplace. Digital recruitment processes have made recruitment database systems integral for day-to-day work. If there’s an unexpected and sudden glitch in the system that it can affect the output of the day.

Good client support comes in here because recruiters will call up their recruitment software support team to sort out the issue. But what happens if there’s no one at the other end to pick up the call and answer customer queries?

Recruiters will want their software vendor to deliver quality client service that will not further obstruct their business.

Here’s what quality post-implementation care looks like

The three pillars of excellent customer service are –

  • Quick, easy access
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Swift feedback

If a recruiter in the middle of posting jobs ads on various job boards finds that there’s something wrong with their recruitment database system, then it can mean pushing this task back. Or it can involve having to spend a lot of time doing this work manually.

Now when this happens, recruiters will immediately get on the phone and contact their software supplier. They will expect a consultant to answer their call after a few rings and help solve their problem. They believe they will get someone who is experienced in handling issues of that nature and can resolve them quickly for them.

Now if their calls do not get through or there’s a surly support person at the other end who doesn’t seem keen to help then it can add to the recruiter’s frustration.

Therefore, it is critical to have good client support as one of the vital points when shopping for a recruitment software system. Sophisticated CRM features are great to have but not at the cost of good post-implementation service.

Tech problems will inevitably occur at one time or another. Staffing agencies will want to be prepared for this by having smart, competent consultants ready to deliver quick support.

The ability to settle a customer’s problem and help them resume business is a great asset for any kind of recruitment software vendor – perm recruiting or temps software, or executive search software for head-hunters. Only then can talented recruiters perform at their best and most productive with amazing results for their candidates and clients.

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