How To Crack Reasoning In Bank Exams

Whether its Government exams, PSU Bank exams or PSC State exams, Reasoning is a topic that will always be there to make candidates go a little crazy during exams. Reasoning is there for a reason, and that is to analyse candidates’ reasoning skills while handling tough situations. While Reasoning topics no of questions may change from exams to exams, bank exams generally have around 45 questions with 60 marks in total. These 60 marks can decide whether you sit in a bank as a bank officer or simply stand in some long queue for depositing or withdrawing money in the bank. With some practice and skill if you are preparing for bank exams you can easily crack reasoning topics with ease. We here are trying to find ways to easily crack reasoning.

Know Your Topic Well

Reasoning topics may vary from exams to exam but IBPS And SBI Bank exams follow a general pattern. You should know very well what all topics need to be covered before exams. Blood Relations, Ordering and Ranking ,Coding and Decoding, Linear Seating Arrangement are a few subtopics from which a good chunk of marks come from in bank exams. Try to do as many practice tests as possible for these subtopics.

Linear seating Arrangement And  Circular Seating Arrangement

Regularly for the past few years 5-10 marks comes from these questions alone. These questions can be really confusing and hard to crack but with practice you can easily understand the way to easily crack it. When you are doing these questions in exams you should be really focused on the question or otherwise you won’t be able to come up with the right answer. These are also questions that kill your time if you are not focused enough, if not taken seriously these questions can break your desire.

Practice and Mock Test

One of things about reasoning is that if you are not able to do a maximum number of practice tests and mock tests on these topics it becomes really hard to crack during exams. When preparing for the bank test try to do maximum no of practice tests and during revision time try out doing mock tests.

Beat The Clock

Reasoning is known as time killer in most bank exams as questions get really confusing sometimes take for instance questions from blood relation or direction and distances these kind of questions carry only one or two marks in most of bank exams but can be really confusing, there are times where candidates wasted a lot of time trying to get the answer. If you are not confident in these kinds of questions it’s better that you leave so that you can focus on other questions than to waste time in the exam centre. While taking practice tests during preparation of exams, always try to come up with answers more quickly than last time, make a beat the clock challenge as it will be fun and entertaining while also studying.

Accuracy is Key

During exams try to be accurate as much as you can, especially in seating arrangement questions as a single change of arrangement can cost you a lot of negative marks. So try to be cautious and focused as you can while attempting these questions.

Final Thoughts

Reasoning papers can be made easy with good practice and focus during exams, try to be calm and peaceful during exams as a single mistake can cause you many negative marks.

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