Reasons Why a Career in Software Testing  Takes You  to the Next Level

According to PractiTest, 18% of software testers had related education, while 24% became testers without having direct software testing education. 

Software can be at risk if it’s not getting tested properly. On top of that, it may not fulfill the user’s expectations. Software that reaches the end-user should withstand the unforeseen issues which may cause disruptions. Users always want to enjoy a seamless experience while they are using any quality software. 

So, is there anyone to do this arduous task? The answer is yes. Software testers are relentlessly working to test the software of a company or for a client. Therefore, it has a booming career at this point. 

In this article, we will unravel the role of a software tester, followed by why it is a good option to skyrocket your career. 

What is software testing?

SQA or Software Quality Assurance assures the quality of software before a user interacts with it. Generally, quality control testers test the websites during the development stage for improving the malfunctions using various tools. To be precise, QA testers break the software by performing automation tests which take the software to every possible scenario where the website malfunctions. If the software testers found any malfunction, they will ask the developers to re-develop that part of the software. Additionally, they will reiterate the entire process until there are no bugs. 

What does a software testing job entail?

Already you have a brief idea about the software testing job. There is a swarm of options available that you can explore being a software tester. According to a software tester, “ I have been working in this field for more than 10 years. During my tenure, I have learned many things that help me a lot to hatch up on my next steps. Additionally, I found the job role interesting and intimidating while working with industry professionals.”  

The roles of a software tester can vary based on skills and experience-

  • Back-end testing– It includes database structure, business logic followed by other parts of the application which don’t have direct user access. 
  • Front-end testing–  It focuses directly on the application’s user interface. 
  • System testing– It includes the manner how the application interacts with the other systems. 
  • Security testing– This ensures the elimination of vulnerabilities so that the eavesdroppers cannot breach the system security. 

Most of the QA tester jobs are for these roles. Which type you would apply for is based on your knowledge and experience. Before that, it’s time to know  why you should choose your career as a software tester. 

Reasons to choose your career as a software tester 

Not everyone can become a tester, it needs utmost dedication and perseverance. Let’s take a cursory look at the following part-

1. Scope to nurture your creativity 

Software testing involves various brainstorming work which may vary from time to time. There are particular features for each segment and they need unique approaches to test them. For example, a software tester needs to test a mobile application to make sure it runs correctly on all the mobile platforms and versions. Not only mobile application testing, but a software tester needs to check whether the application is running smoothly on each platform. 

Here, you can play with your creativity to enhance the end-product quality. For a lot of people, there’s something satisfying about hunting down a weird issue. 

2. Chance to work with evolving technologies

You will get the chance to work with new technologies while working as a software tester. Already there are new technologies that are splashing that would help you to garner your skills. Technologies are affecting the software testing field, and that means you need to keep on developing. During the software testing phase, you may work with your seniors. From there, you may learn new skills that will help you to withstand the pressure. Work smart, not hard.

3. Good payscale 

Based on your professional aptitudes and experience, you can expect a good compensation package being a software tester. Experts who are managing development testing along with website testing and mobile testing end up being more prevalent in the market than the other software developers. Therefore, embracing new technologies will help you to earn more bucks over time. 

4. Responsibility

From the initial day of joining, you need to take responsibility for the core tasks. You may need to work with the development team to synchronize with the workflow. You may need to check the specifications of archives and from there you can gauge the direction of the existing project. However, you need to have a robust knowledge of the software framework. 

5. It may be challenging

Software testing is not an easy task to accomplish. There may be hindrances in your journey. However, you can learn new things every single day. Over time, you need to solve complex situations to accelerate the work pace. If you think this is your cup of tea, you can start your career as a software tester. 


Woo, you have just learned about why you should choose your career as a software tester. You can hatch up your next moves accordingly. However, we have selected a few companies that are hiring for QA tester jobs. Let’s have a look.

It’s a mobile and web development agency based in Mumbai, India. Their robust and efficient team always makes complex things simple. Currently, they are hiring for a QA tester job. If you want to start your career in software testing, you can start your career from here. Best of luck!

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They’re an award-winning IT solutions enterprise that delivers web/mobile app development, UI/UX design, etc. Currently, they are hiring software test engineers in Kerala. For more information, you can visit their website. 

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